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Here you find 3D molecules you can change in different ways. You can use the molecules directly or download them. In the beginning, most of the molecules wil be still in german, but more and more will be translated in english.

How to download the molecules:

  1. Click on the link of the molecule you want to download. The file will be opened in a new tab or window.
  2. In the menu bar of your browser, choose the command "File → save as" with the option "site, complete"

You need the plugin Chime to use the molecules. The plugin is installed automatically in the Internet Explorer. If you want to use it with different browsers, you have to do some more steps after the installation in the Internet Explorer:

  1. Open a file manager and go to the plugin folder of the Internet Explorer (for example c:\programs\Internet Explorer\Plugins)
  2. Mark the following files:
    Npchime.zip (do not extract!)
    You can mark several files at one time by pressing the ctrl-key while marking the files.
  3. Choose the command Edit → Copy in the menu bar.
  4. Change to the plugin folder of the browser where you want to use Chime (for example c:\Programs\Mozilla Firefox\plugins).
  5. Choose the command Edit → Insert
  6. Restart your Browser: Chime should work there now, too.

For Chime will not be available from the end of 2012, we will rearrange our website and use Jmol in the future.

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