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3D Animations of reaction mechanisms

The Chime plugin is required for using the 3D-Animations.

3D Animation Direct Start Download
Addition of Bromine to Cyclopente* haloaddition.html haloaddition_3d.zip
Esterification of butter acid with ethanol esterification_3d.html (german)  
E1-Eliminination of HBr out of Bromethan* e1_eliminination_3d.html e1_elimination_3d.zip
E2-Eliminination of HBr out of Bromethan* e2_eliminination_3d.html e2_elimination_3d.zip
SN1-Substitution of chloride and tert-Butanol sn1_substitution.html sn1_substitution.zip
SN2-Substitution of chloride and methanol sn2_substitution.html sn2_substitution.zip
Ozonolysis of alkenes* ozonolysis_3d.html ozonolysis_3d.zip

The animations marked with an * were created for the "Education Network Chemistry", now available as Chemgapedia.

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