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Animations of experiments on molecular level

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Experiment direct Start Download
Reaction of zinc with copper ions zn_cusulfate.html zn_in_cusulfate.zip
Elektrolysis of copper chloride (using pluspole/minuspole) electrolysis_cucl.html electrolysis.zip
Elektrolysis of copper chloride (using anode/kathode) electrolysis_cucl_ankat.html electrolysis_ankat.zip
Daniell Cell daniell_en.html daniell_cell.zip
Car storage battery with annocations car_battery_text.html (german)  
Car storage battery without annotations car_battery.html (german)  
Galvanisation of a copper coin galvanisation.html (german)  
Electrochemial cleaning of silver silver_cleaning.html (german)  
Short-out galvanic cell short_out_element.html (german)  
Rutherford's Scattering Experiment rutherford.html rutherford.zip
Corrodation of Iron (using pluspole/minuspole) corrodation_iron_pole.html (german)  
Corrodation of Iron (using anode/kathode) corrodation_iron_ankat.html (german)  

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