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Amino Acids

Name   Name  
Alanine alanine.html Leucine leucine.html
Arginine arginine.html Lysine lysine.html
Asparagine asparagine.html Methionine methionine.html
Aspartic Acid asparaginsaeure.html Phenylalanine phenylalanine.html
Cysteine cysteine.html Proline proline.html
Glutamine glutamine.html Serine serine.html
Glutamic Acid glutaminsäure.html Threonine threonine.html
Glycine glycine.html Tryptophane tryptophane.html
Histidine histidine.html Tyrosine tyrosine.html
Isoleucine isoleucine.html Valine valine.html

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