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Name   Name  
Acetophenone acetophenone.html Nitrobenzene nitrobenzene.html
Aniline aniline.html Phenantrene phenantrene.html
Anthracene anthracene.html Phenol phenol.html
Azobenzene azobenzene.html Styrol styrol.html
Benzoic Acid benzoic_acid.html Sulfanilic Acid sulfanilic_acid.html
Benzene benzene.html Terephthalic Acid terephthalic_acid.html
Biphenyl biphenyl.html Toluene toluene.html
Cumene cumene.html Trinitrotoluene (TNT) tnt.html
o-Cresol o_cresol.html o-Xylene o_xylene.html
m-Cresol m_cresol.html m-Xylene m_xylene.html
p-Cresol p_cresol.html p-Xylene p_xylene.html
Naphthalene naphthalene.html    

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